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Life is rough. And it can be so much fun at the same time. Which is why I have started revamping this blog to include more of life. And when I think of life, the main things I think of are Fashion, Family, and Food. All of these bring me joy, while also being such a drain. So, I decided to change my blog name to The F Word. When Fashion, Family, and Food (cleverly all starting with F) are bringing no joy, that is when The F Word is pulled out. I do have the mouth of a trucker, so treat this as your warning.

I’ll still share some awesome coupon deals – because that is how I am getting my Fashion and Food fix. I am going to throw more of myself and life into these posts. There is so much to share and in some ways, I’m hoping to reach out, support, and get support for some very messed up things going on in my life. More on this later.

For now, I leave you with this thought as a starting point for what is to come:



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