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Sorting and Storing Coupons

I have been asked how I keep track of all my coupons and what method I use to stay organized. The method that I fully recommend is the Binder Method. Essentially, what you do is have a 3-ring binder or two and sort your coupons by departments, like Chips/snacks, soup, baking, refrigerated, etc. This is somewhat time consuming, but I do it while I’m sitting on my butt anyways watching TV. It is a rare moment when I am watching TV and not cutting and sorting coupons. I would suggest using The Krazy Coupon Lady’s Binder Printable. This is a free PDF that has pages for all your categories and blank pages if you need any others.

Then you will need Baseball Card Holders. You can find these online or at stores like Walmart and Target. You may even find these at garage sales or thrift stores. I ended up using my sons old card holders for my binder. After you cut your coupons you place them in the holders by category into your binder.

I bring my binder every time I shop. That way, if I find a good price on something while I’m shopping, I can easily check to see if I have a coupon for it.

Let me know if you have questions! You are more than welcome to post comments to either my facebook page or this blog.


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