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My haul for the week of 9/11!

Here is what I got from my shopping excursion this week. This first photo is from Walgreens and CVS. The second is from Target. The items in the first photo cost me $11.60 for $63 worth of product. The second photo cost me 18.78 for $36.91 worth of product. That is a 60% savings!

I know several folks have asked about how I decide what I am going to buy and where to I get all the coupons. I write the posts with links to other blogs that have the coupon match-ups so that you can do this too. I use the match-ups that other people find to help me make my list. They provide detailed information on what coupons to use to get the best deal. I will open a blank document (word, google docs, etc) and copy/paste the deals that I want. I print any coupons that I need (the blogs will provide the links to those printables). I then print out my complete list and get all my coupons organized by store. I’m all set to shop at this point!



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