Baking Bread

I have stopped buying bread in the store. It has been about 2 months since I have purchased a loaf of bread. Bread really is a simple food consisting of flour, water, yeast, and salt… but when you look at the ingredient list on a store-bought loaf of bread, there are a gazillion ingredients and 3/4 of them make no sense. Also, 1/2  of them (or more) are corn-derived ingredients even though it is “whole-wheat bread.” Why do we need high fructose corn syrup (or should I say “corn sugar” *groan*) in our loaf of bread? We don’t! We don’t even need sugar, but sometimes it is nice in the form of honey.

Bread really isn’t that hard to make. Sometimes it doesn’t work out quite right, but that’s OK! We still eat it! It is actually fascinating to go through the process of making bread. This little, single-cell organism called yeast, can do so much. It eats up all the food the flour provides it and expels gasses and alcohol to expand to twice the size it started. Yeast has this smell that is just amazing when mixed with flour and water. The smell of baking bread should be put into an air freshener, I think.

I think all it takes is to make a commitment to eating for enjoyment rather than eating because you have to. I have done the eating because you have to, but now that I am switching over to eating for the pure joy of food, I love eating and cooking! Previously, it was something I loathed, some task that needed to be accomplished before I could relax at night. The food that I am cooking now just tastes so damn good that it is hard to go back to buying a loaf of bread (unless it is freshly made from a bakery!). I’m still learning and just got a book on baking bread. I’m excited to make some yummy breads for my family. Tonight is foccacia!


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